Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Smith Georges "The Obama Artist” Receives His Official Inauguration Invite

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Published: Monday, January 12, 2009

Smith Georges "The Obama Artist” Receives His Official Inauguration Invite

New York - After demonstrating unshaken dedication and commitment campaigning for Obama since DAY ONE, Smith Georges, the Obama Artist, receives his official invitation to Obama’s inauguration. The Haitian-American artist’s painting of Obama entitled “OprOBamaMania” was on display at the Obama’s New York headquarter during the campaign. His new painting “Destined for Change” may find its way to the White House.

“This is not the first time that I have been invited to a presidential inauguration. I was invited twice to President Clinton’s inaugurations. In addition, President and Mrs. Clinton requested the honor of my presence at the White House for a private reception,” said the artist.

The artist reflects on the significance of the ascension of a black man to U.S. presidency. “After reading Obama’s two books Dreams from My Father and The Audacity of Hope, I knew Obama was going to make history by being the first African-American president in the 232 years of the U.S. independence.”

Smith Georges, The Obama Artist, plans to attend the inauguration as well as several Inaugural Balls in Washington D.C. “Obama’s political career took off in Chicago, Illinois. Remember the City of Chicago was founded by a Haitian, Jean Baptiste Point de Sable. Moreover, more than a thousand Haitians came from Haiti to the U.S. and fought to save the U.S. Revolution in Savannah, Georgia in 1779. It’s not a coincidence that President-Elect Obama has appointed Patrick Gaspard, a Haitian-American, as The White House Political Director,” the artist added.

The Haitian-American community supported Obama overwhelmingly.

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